I’m passionate about self knowledge, studying the world around me and I thoroughly enjoy music, cycling, cooking, design, business and the fields of consciousness, integrative health and human potential. I spend the majority of my time and energy these days as a social entrepreneur, often working via gift or mutual exchange. I am drawn towards creating and supporting a regenerative local, national and global economy – exploring low-impact sustainable ways of living, harnessing new technologies and designing practical solutions to drive us towards an abundant, peaceful and truly sustainable future

Mobile Garden City, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, UK

We are living in a time of transition where much of our global infrastructure, land use, resource allocation, energy production and distribution systems need to be challenged, disrupted, reformed and stabilised. My life is devoted to using my skills and talents in the service of these ends and I know a more beautiful world is just around the corner, if only we assume control of every action and inaction within our power. If you want to find out more about me, what I am doing, have done, or am working towards, please have a look at my Bio