I’m passionate about self knowledge, studying the world around me and living as consciously as possible.  I’m especially drawn towards health, community, holistic living and I love music, cycling, cooking, design and human potential.  My natural skills, training and inquisitive nature allow me to build and fix many things; from musical instruments or compositions to furniture, business systems to manufacturing processes, clothing to bicycles, and throughout my life I have worked within numerous disciplines and operated at a variety of scales.  I thoroughly enjoy earning my living from the creative industries and being able to serve through the expression of my talents.

Most of my practical education has been gained from self-study, unofficial apprenticeships, collaborative projects, wider research and a lot of experimentation and self study, though I possess a modest degree of formal education. I studied for a BA in Recording Arts at the SAE London, a BEng in Mechanical Engineering at Southampton University, an HNC in Manufacturing Engineering, IMS certification (Management), Cytech 2 certification (Cycle Mechanic), and have a little classical instrument training (Grade 7 Piano, Grade 5 Violin, Grade 5 Theory, Royal Schools of Music).

I have produced and released music in a variety of genres, engineered for some of the leading lights in World Music and composed and designed sound for film.  As composer, writer and keyboard player, I have toured the UK with rock and pop acts, recorded voiceovers and podcasts for radio, as well as engineered and produced hundreds of acts, both live and in the studio.  I have tutored in the fields of music production and composition (with students going on to release commercial records), setup and managed my own music events, in addition to assisting with the management of numerous other acclaimed productions.  I also build, fix and modify instruments and outboard gear.


I spent six years in the UK Manufacturing industry after leaving Southampton University, improving designs and component production lines for blue-chip clients like Rolls Royce and Hewlett Packard.  Here I successfully led teams in Process Improvement (Lean Thinking/SMED/JIT Manufacture), Change Management and in a single company, trained more than 400 staff, from board to shop-floor level as our small team completely transformed a ninety year-old British Manufacturing company in order to retain market share in the face of highly competitive business from abroad.

I spend the majority of my time and energy these days as a self-employed entrepreneur, often working via gift or mutual exchange, and am drawn towards creating and supporting circular economies by exploring low-impact sustainable ways of living, developing new technologies and finding practical ways to raise awareness for and champion burgeoning industries within these sectors.

As an ethical craftsman, builder and maker at Pro London Handyman, I began maintaining and renovating buildings (which included maintaining the Grade II listed 15th Century St Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace for five years), later building and designing furniture, and recently my work often bears little resemblance to this ‘Handyman’ moniker.  Now I generally find myself designing and producing bespoke artefacts, creating solutions to problems that straddle multiple disciplines or devising solutions to complex problems, either in a practical or consultative role.

As a technician and mechanic at Pro Bike Service, I have serviced and built bicycles for a diverse client base since 2013; from GB Olympic Medallists to Couriers, Triathletes to Commuters,  semi-pro cyclists to those simply wishing to maintain their bicycles and keep them in great condition.  At the end of 2015, I transformed this for-profit business into a non-profit and relocated to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, on a meanwhile site that is off-grid.

Initially I came to this site as part of a larger pilot experiment in circular economics, working alongside the charity Groundwork, instigated by the Arts/Architecture practise Public Works, partnering with Community Energy CIC LEAP, with AD support from UCL Energy Institute. I joined many others who volunteered their time, skills, tools and materials to collectively self-build a biogas generator and consider other community-led, community run projects that shared a similar philosophy.  The new incarnation of Pro Bike Service launched in March 2016, training courses commenced in June 2016, and the workshop now operates to empower new and existing cyclists, encouraging the sharing of knowledge, skills and support to all who are interested, as well as operating as a bike servicing/repair space for the local community. Payment for Pro Bike Service is now via Gift and 100% of this is fed directly back to the business in order to deepen and strengthen community.

A Drop in the Ocean shoot

Whilst running these businesses, I have also been creating an Arts/Education establishment for a number of years which had originally been set to launch alongside Pro Bike Service in Autumn 2016 but is currently on hold.  I am always open to collaboration, learning, sharing, gifting and partnering when visions and missions align.  If you’d like to get in touch, please contact me here