I’m passionate about self knowledge, studying the world around me and I thoroughly enjoy music, cycling, cooking, design, business and the fields of consciousness, integrative health and human potential. I spend the majority of my time and energy these days as a social entrepreneur, often working via gift or mutual exchange. I am drawn towards creating and supporting a regenerative local, national and global economy – exploring low-impact sustainable ways of living, harnessing new technologies and designing practical solutions to drive us towards an abundant, peaceful and truly sustainable future

Lawrence Mohammed
photo courtesy of Kimi Gill Photography

Most of my practical education has been gained through unofficial apprenticeships, collaborative projects, wider research and a lot of experimentation and self study. That said, I possess a modest degree of formal education – I studied for a BEng in Mechanical Engineering at Southampton University, an HNC in Manufacturing Engineering, IMS certification (Management), a BA in Recording Arts at the SAE London, Cytech 2 certification (Cycle Mechanic), and have a little classical instrument training (Grade 7 Piano, Grade 5 Violin, Grade 5 Theory, Royal Schools of Music)

After leaving Southampton Uni, I spent six years in the UK Manufacturing industry improving designs and component production lines for blue-chip clients like Rolls Royce and Hewlett Packard. Here I led teams in Process Improvement (Lean Thinking/SMED/JIT Manufacture), Change Management, collaboratively transforming a ninety year-old British Manufacturing company in order to retain market share in the face of highly competitive business from abroad

Law and Ceri Evans
Law and MOBO Award Winner ‘Sunship’ aka Ceri Evans, whom I co-wrote, co-produced and released my last record with

Throughout this period, I’d been studying and producing dance music and left the UK Manufacturing industry aged 25 to write and record music for clubs, radio and film. As composer, writer and keyboard player, I toured the UK with rock and pop acts, recorded voiceovers and podcasts for radio, as well as engineering and producing hundreds of acts, both live and in the studio. I tutored in the fields of music production and composition, setup and managed my own events and recording studios, in addition to assisting with the management of numerous other acclaimed productions. Since the age of 23, I’ve released a number of records, built, fixed and modified instruments and outboard gear and built three recording studios, later sound engineering for some of the leading lights in World Music

Bespoke Alcove Cabinets
Bespoke Alcove Cabinets – custom made and finished with ultra low VOC clay paint

For much of my music career, I also worked as a craftsman, builder, later maintaining and renovating some rather prestigious buildings (including the Grade II listed 15th Century St Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace where I also worked as Webmaster, A/V Technician and Assistant Youth Worker). I established Pro London Handyman in my late 30’s, building bespoke furniture and undertaking various maintenance tasks, focusing primarily on ethical and sustainable design and maintenance. This experience came in handy when I designed and built a social enterprise from scratch, including premises, during my early 40’s

Bespoke Alcove Cabinet area
Bespoke Alcove Cabinets – area prior to commencement of works

Following a serious car accident and the breakdown/breakthrough that happened during my early 30’s, I rediscovered my passion for cycling, largely thanks to a friend and DJ I had previously been working with (thanks Tom). Whilst volunteering at various charities, feeding a growing interest in spirituality, consciousness, psychology, global challenges, human potential and sustainable living, I began learning about bicycle maintenance and was soon running workshops, including a bike shop at GSK’s European Head Office in West London. This culminated in the creation of my own social enterprise, Pro Bike Service CIC in May 2017, where I currently invest most of my time and energy

At Pro Bike Service CIC, now with a growing team of brilliant volunteers, we service, maintain and build bicycles for a diverse client base – from Pro Racers to Couriers, Fixed-gear hipsters to Commuters, the Well Heeled to the Well Marginalised. We also teach everything we know and run the business via a gift economy, meaning we never have to turn anyone away. We upcycle and recycle our waste streams, lend and sometimes gift bikes to those truly in need and accept donations, gifts and money to support our work. This non-profit satisfies many of my passions and ideals, directly addresses pressing problems in our society, and being located within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in my hometown of East London, is a great place to establish and nurture a new way of doing business

Core volunteers; Jarno Crippa and Graham Taylor-Burge

Around the time I started working as a cycle mechanic, I also began creating an Arts/Education project under the moniker of Meme, which was later renamed ‘Scaramount’. The first phase entailed writing a Hip Hop album with the Award Winning poet Mr Gee featuring scores of talented musicians like Eliza Shaddad, Maiken Marlen Sundby, Merit Arianne Stephanos and Vasillis Sarikis whom I’d been fortunate enough to work with around the time. This project; half publishing/production company, half school/mentoring programme was originally scheduled to launch alongside Pro Bike Service CIC in Autumn 2016, but due to a number of factors, was put on hold. It seems this project may, in part, be resurrected again in my own borough of Hackney very soon….watch this space…

Shooting ‘A Drop In The Ocean’ with poet Mr Gee for the album ‘Platonia’ by Scaramount